Five tips to land a brand-new role in 2019!

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and begin new challenges. Fresh, full of promise and a fantastic reason to draw a line on all things in the past to really focus on the present. Perhaps it is unsurprising that, according to research from YouGov, finding a new job is the sixth most popular New Year’s resolution in Britain. And unlike the resolutions that require a full year of dedication to come to fruition (getting healthier, saving money etc.) finding a new job in 2019 requires just a short burst of focus… then your new job provides an exciting new focus that is easy to maintain long term!

There are often more jobs available in the first few months of the year as employers reset their budgets and strategies, so we have pulled together some top tips to help you land that job in 2019 for that ‘new chapter’ feeling.

1. Update your CV

Dust off your CV and make sure you update it with all of the achievements you have made in your current role. Be sure to include relevant training and angle the entire CV towards the role you are looking to enter. Using a simple, easy to read format and style for your CV is the most effective way to ensure that a recruiter can pay attention to your experience.

As a general rule of thumb, a CV shouldn’t go over the two-page mark. Focus on your last role, or the past two years, and edit previous jobs down. If you have a lot of experience, perhaps it’s time to remove the summer Saturday job you had at the local cafe as your skillset is now much more geared towards the role you have your sights set on. Keep it succinct, honest and relevant.

A tip going forward is to keep a diary or note of any training or career-relevant skills you pick up along the way… this could be at work or in daily life. Write them down or save them on a note on your phone to make updating your CV much easier.

Read our tips for creating a great CV here: Is your CV Clear?

2. Focus on your target companies

Whether it is a company change or you are looking into a new industry all together, narrow your search down to make your application – and CV – much more tailored.  Compile a ‘top five’ or a ‘top ten’ and really make that CV pop for them! Are they hiring? Could it be worth sending a speculative CV and cover letter? Conduct research to ensure that the company is a match for you. Check Google Reviews or Glassdoor for an on-the-ground perspective of what it’s like to work there. Is the perceived reality what you expected? Is it an improvement from your current workplace? Making the job-hunting process concise and informed will put you in a far more powerful position.

3. Reassess your cultural preferences – What are you looking for?

Feeling comfortable in a new workplace is really important, and company ‘culture’ has a large impact on this. Culture is an increasingly important metric for organisations to get right: research from Deloitte reveals that 94% of execs and 88% of employees think that a distinct corporate culture underpins a company’s success. Furthermore, in a separate research report, 67% of millennials said a positive corporate culture is the most important aspect to them when looking for their next role.

It is therefore worth taking some time to assess what elements of a culture you would like to see in your next role, and cross-check this with the organisations on your hit list above. Use websites such as Glassdoor to identify a company’s culture through past and present employees, and check out the company website for examples of its culture.

According to academics Robert E.Quinn and Kim S. Cameron there are four types of corporate culture. Which resonates the most with you?:

“A. Clan: family-like, focused on mentoring, nurturing, and teamwork.
Adhocracy: dynamic and entrepreneurial, focused on risk-taking, innovation, and pioneering.
C. Market-oriented: results driven, focused on competition and achievement.
D. Hierarchy: structured, controlled and focused on efficiency, stability and ‘doing things right’.”

4. Put the word out

LinkedIn gives you the option to update your profile to let recruiters know you’re open to new job opportunities or casually looking. If you’re currently in a role, and would rather avoid your current employer from knowing that you’re looking elsewhere, LinkedIn avoids showing your current company that you’re open to offers.

If you are registered with job boards, like CareerSpot, remember to subscribe to job alerts to make sure you hear about the latest vacancies.

Recruitment agencies are also there to help – after all, their primary focus is to place the right people in the right roles. Make the calls, set up a meeting, email around, tell your friends and family that you’re looking for something new: covering as many bases as possible will increase the likelihood of successfully landing your dream role.

5. Set up a mock interview

Once you are sufficiently satisfied with your research on your company and industry lists, have updated your CV and receive the call to invite you to an interview, it’s time to prepare all over again! This time it’s about interview technique. Glassdoor and similar websites have lots of helpful information on how different company’s interview – particularly larger organisations. Learn whether their interviews take a strength-based or competency-based approach, and prepare accordingly. Have a couple of questions ready to ask at the end of the interview (never pass on this opportunity and have the questions written down if it helps you.)

Use all of the above information and ask a friend, family member, house mate etc. to conduct a mock interview. Once you get over the initial awkwardness, you will find that the process really helps to focus your mind and will iron out any potential mishaps in time for the real deal. Mock interviews will increase your confidence and will definitely improve your chances of getting that dream role.

We hope you found this article useful. If you are looking to take the next step in your career this year, then remember to register and subscribe to job alerts to find out about the latest vacancies on CareerSpot! Our team are available on 01271 869 267 if you have any queries about our current vacancies.

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