For Employers

We have a range of resourcing, recruitment and selection services that we can offer you to help you find the best candidates for your roles now, and in the future.

Our services include:

Why us?

CareerSpot is owned by Fitzgerald HR, a full service HR Consultancy offering a full spectrum of people management solutions to organisations throughout the UK.

Our resourcing team works with a wide range of organisations who have chosen to outsource some, or all, of their recruitment process for a variety of reasons.

It makes financial sense

Our recruitment expertise has been built up over many years and we can offer you the specialist skills and technologies when and how you need them without the cost of a permanent member of staff. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, you pay for the time we spend filling the role not a set fee based on the salary of the role. This results in significant cost savings over time whilst you receive a more flexible and tailored service.

Fill your roles faster

An effective recruitment process is composed of a range of steps, each taking significant time and focus. It can be hard to dedicate the level of input to recruitment on top of your day-to-day work responsibilities and pressures. When a dedicated and expert team are handling the recruitment process, these steps can take place seamlessly and efficiently resulting in a shorter time to fill your positions.

We create a better candidate experience

We bring the expertise and focus needed to provide candidates with a positive experience, keeping them engaged throughout the process and helping create an excellent impression of your organisation. By doing this we can attract high calibre candidates and keep them engaged in the process so they want to work for you.

Higher calibre candidates

We use innovative approaches to create a sourcing strategy that generates the highest calibre candidates for your vacancy. We work with you to find the right approaches that will work for you and your preferred candidates in the knowledge that there isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Build your employer brand

All our activities are focused on enhancing your employer brand and helping you to be recognised in the market place as an employer of choice. We work closely with you to understand what separates you from your competitors and define the day-to-day experience your employees can expect. This creates a greater quality and quantity of applicants now and into the future as well as supporting the retention and engagement of your staff.

We focus on cultural fit as well as skills

We know how important it is for an individual to possess not just the right skills and experience but to be the right cultural fit for your organisation. We have developed a range of tried and tested approaches to help you to assess both aspects so that you get a total picture and feel more confident about your final decision.

We recruit with the future in mind

We work with you to understand what shape you want your organisation to take in the future so that we can ensure your recruitment activities support you on making that vision a reality. Recruitment should no longer be viewed as a way to fill a gap in the here and now, but as a way to lay the foundations for your future success. We partner with you to understand your long-term business strategy and make sure that your recruitment activities work to drive this forward.

For further details on our services, pricing, or for a full quote/estimate, please email or call 01271 859 267.