8 Reasons Why Video Interviews Work

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to make hiring processes more streamlined. The use of video interviews should not be overlooked, they are particularly useful during the first stages of a recruitment screening process and can save time and resources for businesses and candidates as the process is significantly more efficient than […]

4 Steps to Finding The Right Job For You

Finding the right job, whether you are already established in your career, recently graduated or looking for a career move is imperative for individual happiness long-term. Many people take jobs for a number of reasons, whether it is to fill a gap on their CV, have a salary, gain experience, or with the hope of […]

8 tips to get the most out of your role

Everybody has a ‘bad work week’ from time to time. However, if these weeks are beginning to outweigh the good ones, it could be time for action. Before hitting the job search, consider whether you have truly got all you possibly can out of your current job role. Avoid stagnation Stagnation and complacency are two […]

How to attract and retain millennial talent

It’s the buzzword of a generation and was coined Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ in 2017. Millennial. The ‘Gen-Y’ talent pool is brimming, and you would be foolish to overlook it. They may spend their money on avocados and Instragrammable gym gear, but they are also a hardy bunch. Where Baby Boomers segued […]

Is your CV clear?

Your skills and experience are the key to securing an interview or job. Your CV is the first version of yourself that is presented to an employer before you have an opportunity to make a personal first impression. Dress your CV like you would dress yourself for an interview; with care. There are a few […]

Job Seeker Tips and Tricks

Our top tips for Job Seeking… 1. Do your research Researching a company gives you a greater understanding of whether the company is the right match for you or not. You can often find reviews online which may give you an insight into what other employees, or customers have experienced. A company’s website and branding […]