Five advantages of a Christmas temp role – and how to find one!

Christmas brings with it lots of temporary roles. It is a common misconception that they are exclusively in retail, as plenty of disciplines find their workload swell and their resources spread thinly towards the end of the year. To service the influx of employees there is often the need for additional temporary employees to relieve the additional administrative, HR and finance pressures. Below we highlight some advantages of Christmas temp roles – and include some helpful hints to increase the likelihood of getting yours!

Key advantages of a Christmas temp role:

1. You are appreciated

Existing employees have likely been snowed under for a while in the run up to Christmas. Therefore the welcome presence of an extra pair of hands in the office will not go unnoticed – what a great first impression to make! A positive introduction also sets the tone for building new social and professional circles.

2. Sample new work environments

Have you ever wondered how your role would feel in a start-up business, a conglomerate or perhaps a new sector? Dabbling in unexplored fields is part of the fun when it comes to temping. Provided the right skill set is in place, along with a healthy dose of positive attitude, there should be no reason you can’t walk into a range of roles and test drive your discipline in a number of new environments.

3. Prevent the dreaded CV gap

Those with gaps in their CV can relate to the dreaded question at job interviews: “why the gap?”. Gaps in a CV aren’t kiss-of-death, and if they are infrequent and logically explained then there is no need to worry: Maternity leave and relocation are two main examples of this. However, it is preferable to have a consistent chain of roles to demonstrate that you are proactive, and to avoid any potentially awkward lines of questioning. Christmas temp roles can span from a few weeks to a number of months so they are a useful way to upskill and plug the CV gap simultaneously. Earn extra pocket money whilst maintaining your CV health – what’s not to love?

4. Rapidly increase your skills

Christmas temp roles call for diligent and enterprising individuals who can learn fast and think on their feet. The typical ‘settling in’ window of a job is vastly depleted in this line of work, and is a luxury scarcely enjoyed by temp workers. However, the rapid learning curve is a sure-fire way of building up lots of wide-ranging skills in a short time frame. This makes candidates even more employable in their next role. Christmas temp roles are unique in this respect and it is why many people find them rewarding.

5. Get a foot in the door

Larger organisations often open their doors to a rush of Christmas temp employees. If you have a hit list of dream companies you’d like to work for, Christmas can be a great time of year to check out if they’re hiring. Make a good  impression and you could find yourself with a permanent role in the New Year. Even if that is not the case, ensure you are remembered for the right reasons and you could be first in line when a permanent role opens up in your preferred discipline. Once you’re in, you’re in (in one way or another!)

Tips for success at your Christmas temp interview:

  • Highlight your transferable skills

A temp role will unlikely be a carbon copy of any job you’ve previously had, they rarely are. But as long as the core skills for the job are placed front-and-centre on your CV, and you confidently articulate them to the interviewer, they will find it difficult to find a reason not to hire you.

  • Be upbeat

This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many candidates play down their abilities in a job interview. This can be discouraging at a regular interview but potentially fatal at a Christmas temp interview. Employers want to see positive, pragmatic individuals that will efficiently glide into their existing employee framework from the first day temping – thus providing maximum business value. Nobody wants to hire a grinch when the next candidate is a holly jolly snowman!

  •  Prepare… and then prepare festively!

Employers like to see dedication to the role and to the company regardless of the job’s time frame. The last resulting factor companies want from employing a temp is a less productive team.  Do the basics: Company background and competency questions revision, but then take it further: Is there a specific Christmas tradition or event you could learn about: Black Friday sales, annual charity events or even a Christmas jumper day? Arm yourself with as much knowledge possible to ace that interview! Interviewers will be pleased to know candidates are taking the role seriously.

We hope you found this article useful. If you would like to learn about our latest vacancies, please contact our team who will be happy to assist.

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