About us

About CareerSpot

CareerSpot was created in 2017 by Fitzgerald HR, a HR consultancy delivering services to clients throughout the UK. Working closely with our clients to help them recruit to hard to fill roles, we quickly came to realise that traditional recruitment advertising solutions didn’t provide enough time to reach and attract talent.

We also wanted to give our clients the opportunity to showcase the fantastic opportunities they had within their unique organisations and traditional job sites weren’t able to do this.

At the same time, job seekers and employees we were working with told us that they needed a more individual service to help them identify the right careers for them and to make the most of new opportunities that arose (with their existing employers and potential new employers).

So we developed CareerSpot: to give employers the opportunity to advertise their jobs and organisations for as long as they need to; and to provide a one stop shop for job seekers and employees to seek and develop the careers for them.